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The Brown Color of Valor

The Brown Color of Valor” aims to educate the international public about the Filipino soldiers, the extent of their participation during World War ll and their continuing struggle for recognition and restitution of rights. It hopes to give a human face to a group of men who fought to preserve the ideals represented by the US Flag and prevailed but were later betrayed by an act of US Congress in 1946 with the passage of the Rescission Act.

This documentary focuses on the role of the Filpino soldier during the defense of the whole Southeast Asian Region and how their bravery, sacrifice and tenacity slowed down the Japanese Imperial Army's advance in the Pacific theatre. This film aims to correct certain ommissions in history on the extent of the contributions of the Filipino soldiers during those dark days of World War II. Moreover, the film renders personal narrations of surviving family members, of veterans and other witnesses to the devastation brought by the war. At the start of World War II, there were 18 Million Filipinos. After the Philippines allied itself with the United States and the Allied forces, an estimated 1 Million Filipinos died.

This film hopes to give a face to the Filipinos who fought, died and survived the horrors of World War II and to shed light on the issues surrounding their continuing struggle for recognition and restitution of their rights as veterans.



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